Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music Music Music :)

Hey Folks! Sorry I've been ignoring my Blog.... :/  Well, my birthday was just over a couple weeks ago, and I got a TON of gift cards for Fred Meyer. I had a GREAT party at my house on Saturday the 2nd, and it was all awesome! My favorite gift that I got with the Fred Meyer gift cards was this beautiful, shiny, Go-Gear Vibe, Philips MP3 Player.

It was about 70 dollars, and had REALLY good speakers, and had a organized layout. I really 'loved' it. I guess i got too attached... Anyway, one day, I took it out of my pocket, and turned it on. I was in huge shock... The WHOLE left side of the screen was COMPLETELY busted!! The only reason I didn't scream out right there and then was because I had lost about 4 different very precious items this year. I guess I was used to it. It was devastating. I had no idea how it broke. And I didn't buy the special warranty for it.. I have never broken any of my electronics before... Yet my dad continuously, and empathetically told me that it was all right, that we could get it replaced, and that everything would be fine. 

As we pulled up to the Fred Meyer with the receipt, the MP3 Player, the cord, and the earphones, I doubted for a moment that it wouldn't work. That they wouldn't refund me. So we walked to the electronic section, I listened to my dad talk to the man, the whole time, just listening, I stood. And I heard the truthful, heart-crushing words I knew I would hear, "Sorry Sir, but the warranty covers all things like this. It's a pressure mark. It must have gotten bumped into or something." I couldn't believe it. Now I knew that I did it. It was all my fault and, I couldn't get a new one. This time, there was no second chance.

~And to be honest, those 10 days of listening to music using that MP3 player were a blessing, and I'm not mad~

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