Monday, April 25, 2011

Disregardance (Laxness)

I've been procrastinating on posting my most recent poem. I was stuck on a name. Between disregardance and laxness. I think I'll go with the last one. Mainly because I am trying to expand my vocabulary, and rarely-used words, and cool. XP

Disregardance (Laxness)

The sound of the ocean,
the crush of the waves,
all brings me deep sorrow,
'tis forgotten bliss.

When the wind blows my hair,
my sandy feet sink,
I look along the coast,
all left is frigidity.

Looking out to sea,
I think of you,
the hands I can't hold,
the hope I can't share.

When I'm sad,
you sigh.

When you're sad,
my heart dies.

And now,
the ocean calls to me,
the wind, piercing my skin,
the sun, setting along me,
no matter, I can't win.

When I give the sky my heart,
It will rain on me,
the clouds will darken,
the air will grow cold,
and rain will fall,
in tears, my heart pains.

I see his blunder as beauty,
I see his smile as bliss,
I see his love as wonder,
yet forever, my sight, must cease,
and forever, my sight shines clear.

~An unknown day in April, 2011~

PS: Forgive me, I forgot to write down the date when i wrote it. When i came back to look at it, I noticed the date was not there... oops ;)


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