Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two newest poems~and an apology

Hello everyone, before I share my two newest poems, I would like to say sorry for being a big annoyance for posting a excruciatingly boring bunch of put-downs to myself, publicly on my blog. And yet, I won't delete it because some part of me won't allow it. I think it is to say that I actually am or will accomplish things like I mentioned in my last post. Anyway, been reading: http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/. It's very entertaining, and enjoyable. I really admire Wil, and his sarcastic humor in his everyday speech and writing (not that I actually know what his everyday speech is...) Anyway, here are my newest poems. I think they are some of my better and more favorable poems I have written. :) Enjoy:

Decision Unknown

forever endless.

The important decision,
remains unknown.

Through a rushing river,
I must swim.
But how shall I go?

I doubt that I know,
which way is home.

I refuse to be lost,
not lost,
or alone.

My loves,
they call out to me,
reminding me,
they survive.

I refuse to shed tears,
I will not let life die.

And with just whiskers,
I'll travel,
and a meow every mile,

I can climb to the top,
see my love,
and smile.


Enclosed Sympathy

she sits,
with her neat, dainty paws,
with slowly-closed eyes,
could it truly be lost?

Sitting sweetly,
with slow, even breaths,
as she goes.
A deep, low purr,
thought forever unknown.

Yet seems all, like not,
but a dream.


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