Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My annoying teenage problems... MEH!!

Have you ever had that feeling where you like someone, but his unavailability prevents you from admitting it... Well, that's me.
I guess I'll start with what's going on for me.... There is one guy who I have known for a while who is growing up to be a total jerk sometimes and nice others. He is always hitting on me, and stuff (which for some reason I don't mind so much as I do his annoying stupidity). I am pretty sure I don't like him, because of his jerk-side and stupidity. There is another guy who is a REALLY good friend of mine. I truly love him, but I don't think it's in the romantic/sexual way right now. He asked me out, but I think I just like him as a friend. Then there are the random hot guys that are either too old for you, taken, or someone you really don't talk to. And lastly there is a really, super-nice, gay friend. His personality is really attractive, and I guess I kinda have a crush on him. But could I ever admit that? No! XD (I just kinda did) But anyway, with my brain missing having a boyfriend, and being in love, I can't help but think about boys more often than I'd like. *heavy sigh... I guess that's all.. Bye!

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