Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Friend-off

There are some things in life that really get to you. For me they are when best friends fight. I hate that.

I have a friend who I love... and another friend that I love... And the friend that I love (the first one) is always provoking the friend that I love (the second one). And so, the second friend that I love is always biting the first one back...Provoking them. So, my 2 friends that I love, fight a lot. In addition, 'one' was friends with 'two' before 'one' changed. You see, 'one' made a big decision and change of lifestyle. This was and still is hard on 'two' because they aren't used to such dramatic changes. 'One' had been dating someone that neither I nor 'two' likes for very good reasons--like how they may be a player/slut--.
To add to that, 'one' and I have been stressed like heck on school issues and other personal problems that we share with each other. I have been getting really pissed off at how 'one' calls 'two' a bitch! And 'two' in return is even meaner. It is just in the way! It's really all very illogical that they continue to bicker and fight every time they make peace. I'm sick of this nonsense! Please stop! It's painful for me! It's painful for them! And It is making me even more stressed than I already am! And that's a LOT!!

  • THANK YOU!!!

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  1. (its maddie) I KNOW WHO THEY AREEEEEE.