Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Friend-off

There are some things in life that really get to you. For me they are when best friends fight. I hate that.

I have a friend who I love... and another friend that I love... And the friend that I love (the first one) is always provoking the friend that I love (the second one). And so, the second friend that I love is always biting the first one back...Provoking them. So, my 2 friends that I love, fight a lot. In addition, 'one' was friends with 'two' before 'one' changed. You see, 'one' made a big decision and change of lifestyle. This was and still is hard on 'two' because they aren't used to such dramatic changes. 'One' had been dating someone that neither I nor 'two' likes for very good reasons--like how they may be a player/slut--.
To add to that, 'one' and I have been stressed like heck on school issues and other personal problems that we share with each other. I have been getting really pissed off at how 'one' calls 'two' a bitch! And 'two' in return is even meaner. It is just in the way! It's really all very illogical that they continue to bicker and fight every time they make peace. I'm sick of this nonsense! Please stop! It's painful for me! It's painful for them! And It is making me even more stressed than I already am! And that's a LOT!!

  • THANK YOU!!!

Tears of Hope

I feel like reposting this poem. :) Tell me what you think.

Tears of Hope


like tears,
fall down from the sky.

While clouds,
like hearts bleeding rain,
beat on by.

The hearts,
are cracked,
beyond possible repair.

They wait,
for the strength,
to move on.

The raindrops,
as tears,
prance down to the porch.

Waiting for the sun,
to sweep them away.

To dry the tears,
a warm hand awaits,

for the strength of independence,
to be bold,
to be strong,

and for this,
I shall wait,
all forever long.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lesson learned! ...over and over...

You'd think that if someone as young as me notices something obvious that is still continuously ignored, the adults would stop, think, and learn the lesson as well. But, usually, no.

In this case, the lesson is, "The more rules, the more rebels." This lesson also goes beyond just that. Lets start simple. At many schools, they do not allow any gum. At my school, it all depends on the teacher's choice. At my school, you are lucky to find chewed gum stuck under the tables. Why? Because chewing gum is allowed, and student's are less-likely to feel the need to hide their gum-chewing habits. In most classrooms at my school, you will find no sign of any chewed gun under any tables. However, in the few classes with teachers that don't allow gum, gum is found every once in a while under tables. So, to expand this lesson so far what I have is, "When people enforce unnecessary rules, students are more likely to rebel."

Other, more severe cases I have noticed that involve this ignored lesson, are family or parenting situations. For example, the article:  [2. Rules without explanation Article Source:] explains the problems families face when rules go without explanation. One thing that I've frequently noticed that often bugs me is when parents voluntarily hide things from their kids or go on about how terrible things are to their kids in hope that their kids won't get the wrong idea from it. But as a result, their kids become compelled to know what it is or learn more about it to make an opinion about it that is probably, intentionally, NOT what their parents wanted it to be. The things that parents try to hide from their kids are usually things like sexual articles/ anything involving sex, alcohol/anything involving alcohol, --what they find as--vulgarity, and sometimes but not that I've much seen yet, drugs. 

Now, I know that I am only a minor, and that my opinion is 'less-important' than any adult figures' will ever be. But, I believe that if parents found ways to tell their kid what they believe is right or wrong without trying to cover-up or hide the 'truth' (or what every kid is going to see in their growing up life) then, their kid will be better off in the future from making more of the right choices. I plan on building a good parenting skill for the future based on this learned lesson. What I call 'going too far in trying to hide or cover up the truth', I mean things like not letting my 13 year-old kid read a magazine that has topics on flirting or sex.  If a parent educated their 13 year-old kid enough, then they should be able to trust their kid to know that much of the stuff in those magazines are not what you believe in, and that you shouldn't do things just because everybody else in your latter High School class does them. For example, I know that even if my friends loose their virginity, I will still have mine before marriage. I just don't feel that it's right to loose your virginity before marriage. Especially if it's just because your friends do. Peer pressure is hard, I know. But making your kids learn from your own mistakes RARELY works. 

I hope this is enough talk to explain how I believe an important lesson to learn is, "The more rules, the more rebels." Now that you know what it means, you can always use your own name for the rule, but at the moment, that's all I could think up.

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My annoying teenage problems... MEH!!

Have you ever had that feeling where you like someone, but his unavailability prevents you from admitting it... Well, that's me.
I guess I'll start with what's going on for me.... There is one guy who I have known for a while who is growing up to be a total jerk sometimes and nice others. He is always hitting on me, and stuff (which for some reason I don't mind so much as I do his annoying stupidity). I am pretty sure I don't like him, because of his jerk-side and stupidity. There is another guy who is a REALLY good friend of mine. I truly love him, but I don't think it's in the romantic/sexual way right now. He asked me out, but I think I just like him as a friend. Then there are the random hot guys that are either too old for you, taken, or someone you really don't talk to. And lastly there is a really, super-nice, gay friend. His personality is really attractive, and I guess I kinda have a crush on him. But could I ever admit that? No! XD (I just kinda did) But anyway, with my brain missing having a boyfriend, and being in love, I can't help but think about boys more often than I'd like. *heavy sigh... I guess that's all.. Bye!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deja Vu

The feeling is so amazing. I got it today for a while. It's something to think about. It seems to arrive with the seasons. Music, and activities that have been left alone also cause it. I am thankful for emotions, happiness, and love. God Bless you all! I love you!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reality Check

Dear Me,

Welcome back to reality!
It's where you will loose your things, your computer will crash, your friends will act like bitchy brats to the things and people you like, and you will never find the perfect boy. Here in reality, he doesn't exist. Enjoy your stay!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two newest poems~and an apology

Hello everyone, before I share my two newest poems, I would like to say sorry for being a big annoyance for posting a excruciatingly boring bunch of put-downs to myself, publicly on my blog. And yet, I won't delete it because some part of me won't allow it. I think it is to say that I actually am or will accomplish things like I mentioned in my last post. Anyway, been reading: It's very entertaining, and enjoyable. I really admire Wil, and his sarcastic humor in his everyday speech and writing (not that I actually know what his everyday speech is...) Anyway, here are my newest poems. I think they are some of my better and more favorable poems I have written. :) Enjoy:

Decision Unknown

forever endless.

The important decision,
remains unknown.

Through a rushing river,
I must swim.
But how shall I go?

I doubt that I know,
which way is home.

I refuse to be lost,
not lost,
or alone.

My loves,
they call out to me,
reminding me,
they survive.

I refuse to shed tears,
I will not let life die.

And with just whiskers,
I'll travel,
and a meow every mile,

I can climb to the top,
see my love,
and smile.


Enclosed Sympathy

she sits,
with her neat, dainty paws,
with slowly-closed eyes,
could it truly be lost?

Sitting sweetly,
with slow, even breaths,
as she goes.
A deep, low purr,
thought forever unknown.

Yet seems all, like not,
but a dream.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emerald City Comic con. !!!!!WHOO!!!!!

Haha, for those of you who do not know, I went to Emerald City Comicon this last weekend (pretty convenient because of where I live). I had a blast! As many of you also already know, I am a HUGE Buffy Fan. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got to meet [the one and only] JAMES MARSTERS(Spike) and [the one and only] NICHOLAS BRENDON(Xander) 
I got a signed picture with both of them. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I am totally love sick.............................
........James is married....... :)


I also got to meet [the one and only] FELICIA DAY(Codex....) and [the one and only] AMY OCUDA(Tink) 
<<<<<<YES, I AM ALSO A GUILD FAN>>>>>>

Felicia, Nick, James, were SUCH NICE PEOPLE!!!!! OHMYGOSH I misss themm..... :(((

But they are busy people who have great big lives that they work hard to keep.

I also wish I met Wil Wheaton (which I didn't get to).

I'm a BIG FAN.. Thats right>>>>>

Anyway, it was SUPER FUN!!!!
My friend came on one day and got to meet Brent Spiner(Data). We had our dreams come true... <3
Lots of amazing TV show ppl from Buffy, Star Trek, Star Trek nxt. gen. The guild, and a bunch of other things. Sooo,
if you are a total amazing geek-nerd-person-thing!!!!, then you should totally check it out: VVVVVVV
Every year they have really cool ppl, you can meet them, get autographs, adn watch fun pannels,
PLUS, there are lots of cool cosplaying ppls. Cosplay!!! WHOO!!! XD Hope to see ya next year, and have a BLAST!! :)