Sunday, February 27, 2011

New lifestyle

Today I will share with you 3 of my most recent poems. These describe what I have been through recently. On about February 16th, I broke up with my boyfriend. I am single. On Valentines day, I realized that this was the right thing to do. These have been sad, harsh times for me lately, and yet I am still recovering. Life is getting better again.

In order....

Your Shoulder

When I'm feeling down,
I look at the sky,
I feel like falling.

If the clouds come out,
oh, the strong rush of rain,
everything seems away.

Rain falls,
in buckets of small,
like tears,
they race down the window.

Feeling all alone,
Independence is my punishment,
but my tears freeze my cheek.

I need your shoulder,
to lay my head,
your shoulder to dry my tears.

Not the howling wind,
nor the rush of rain,
could make me forget,
how I love your shoulder,
your arm,
your soul.

For my heart to mend,
from the impossible bruises,
the unknown scars,
and the impure blood,

for my tears to dry,
from sadness, unreasonable,
from causes, unknown,
I need your shoulder.

Gentle, we breathe,
the tears dried on my skin,
your heartbeat slowing,
my happiness growing,
gentle, you hold me.
This is my dream.


A new,
is born,
no heart destroyed.

A love,
no sob, no sob.

don't break, my love,
no worries, my dear.

She is in love,
deep, true love,

Yet with who,
will remain.

Though the heart breaks off,
another will reign.

Tears of Hope


like tears,
fall down from the sky.

While clouds,
like hearts bleeding rain,
beat on by.

The hearts,
are cracked,
beyond possible repair.

They wait,
for the strength,
to move on.

The raindrops,
as tears,
prance down to the porch.

Waiting for the sun,
to sweep them away.

To dry the tears,
a warm hand awaits,

for the strength of independence,
to be bold,
to be strong,

and for this,
I shall wait,
all forever long.

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