Monday, January 17, 2011

Recent Poems

Forever misunderstood

Everyone misunderstands me,
All of my friends, all of my loves,
I selfishly see myself as beautiful,
Always needing someone close.

Not always close to the body,
but never leavig the soul.

My mind, it meeds a partner.
My thoughts, they need some help.
My self, it needs a connection.

A strong, forever-lasting connection.
But their's noone like me,
I'm too unique.
My only perfect partner,
is God.
But forever?

Will I never have kids,
never raise a family,
never have a husband?

But live with God only forever?
Would it still be life?
In a way I suppose.
Only church, only knitting.

Life like that?
That may be heaven.
But then, would it be to me?
If that be heaven,
would I enjoy going there?
Would I go there?


A blanket of white,
covers the ground.

a sense of calm,
fills the air.

Sparkling in the sunlight, or
falling gracefully under a lamp-post,
in the thick, dark night.

While cozy, and warm by the fire,
the coated, fluffy Earth sends out good vibes,
like angels,
or a church choir.

I stop to follow a flake,
like crystals,
it flows down softly,
like feathers.

So perfect,
I could cry.
Yet no tear could fill my joy.

All is calm,
all is free,
and none more beautiful than snow.


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