Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost, lost... Ever found?

Selfish, always selfish, and I don't loose things, those things, the ones that are gone. I didn't loose them, I could never loose them. The things that are mine can't be lost. They must have been taken, taken by a ghost, taken forever and ever, never to be seen again. Could there be more pain?

I have lost 3 important things in my life now. I am not coping well either. First I lost a gorgeous prayer rope given to me by my bf. then, I lost my amazing Paramore gloves, that I feel naked without wearing. And NOW, I lost a wii, wheel for Mario Kart. GRRRR!!! The world is being so mean! I never loose things!! EVER!! Until the Prayer Rope, NOTHING! It is soooo hard. I could cry!! (So selfish) 

Thats all, just its on my mind. A LOT.

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