Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost but not alone

Lost but not alone

I'm so lost,
Like a unsure life,
through a thick, stormy haze.
Will it ever stop?

Your probably just the same,
but how should I ever know?
Your unique silent love,
is dense, and uneasy,
yet the fact remains unknown.

My love, is he gone?
Has the wind blown him away?
Like all the other things,
the ones that I love.

I'm so lost,
should I remain to regain,
or leave, and experience.
When does this end?
Will it ever stop?

I am not.
I am never,

Yet the thought,
should I venture,
should I risk?

My mind, it spins,
yet the dizziness hasn't entered my head.
Love, what is love,
I shall never learn.

For every time I see him,
the term changes in meaning.
Every time it rains,
a new thought, new phrase,
to describe what is happening,
appears in my head.

Lost, I am lost.
But never alone.

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