Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy up--normal down

So, life is kinda, great. I'm a lucky gal. Not much wrong. Only tired more often, and a little love-sick. But I'll get over that soon. I'm glad that this week of school has only 3 more days. Boooyeahhh! I feel like I am growing up faster than I want. But in a way, it could be a good, or bad thing. I'm just going through my ordinary teenage years: stress, tears, love, boys, stress, choices, decisions...etc. I'm reading Ender's Game by: .......i forgot.... And It's a great book! I'd love to read and buy the next books in the series. I've been in a big reading mood lately :) , but Grrr, school is making me read CERTAIN books, and it wastes my time where I could be reading books I wanna read. My english teacher said we'd be working on essays next week a lot and reading a certain book alone with that, so I should finish Ender's Game before that and finish the report to go with it. I'm not worried about that cause I only have a chapter left. Unfortunately, I always wanna read at night when I don't wanna do HW. So, I could and would finish it sooner than during a day or weekend, but then I wouldn't have time to do the project part right after/when I finish the book. So, I would finish the book, then do the project way later? I could, I mean, I have before, but I don't know if I want to. *Sigh....

Life is hard. I learn that the older I get, every moment of everyday. It's annoying. I don't like work. I'll fail in life if I keep that up, but I really don't. I mean, it's more fun and interesting, if the work is more fun and interesting. I like making tunes with music software, I used to write poems (I haven't in a while) and I like to draw. I am a fairly good photographer. There are probably may jobs I'd be good at. But I don't know what, when, how, why or where. That, I guess (and hope) will start coming to me in my later life.

I've been thinking and remembering moments with my boyfriend. Him going to a different school makes things harder than planned. We're really close. On the other hand, maybe it is actually a good idea that we are in different schools. We'd barely last a whole day, being around each other without any hugs or holding hands or something. Hah! But if we did go to the same school, we'd probably learn good self-control. Oh well, it's not happening. *sigh*
Just another thing to add to the "Get over it, Xenia!" list. Hrm... Maybe I'll make one. XD

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