Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The wind

Here's a poem i wrote today in Science during a movie. (shh) I go the idea in Mr. Scott's class. (shh again)
During the wind storm. :) Here it is:  Enjoy:

The Wind

The wind, it calls for me.
with it's deep piercing scream.
My heart, bawls for it,
but lingers forever more.

The wind, it rushes,
through the soft rustling leaves.
It calls for me,
it screams.

Why are you there?
When you could be with me?
Why aren't you flying,
through my afternoon breeze?

I am stuck here,
dear soul.
I would love to go soar,
but my body is caught here,
in a net full of gore.

My love is aflow,
my body down low.
And my spirit,
it burns for the wind.

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