Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out with the Sea

A colorful world,
full of crystal,
and glow,
gleams down on me,
and the world bellow.

The sun shines,
and gets brighter,
all the while that I stand.
Then I meet a nice guy,
he grabs hold of my hand.
So we walk a long ways,
talking alone in the sand.

And the world,
it shines brighter,
every dune that we reach.

And eventually we get to a point,
where we teach.
We never actually noticed.
But then after we reach,
the world completely changes.

I look up into the sky,
it flies down past me.
I slowly close my eyes,
and hope it's not a lie.

I open them again,
to his blue, dreamy gaze,
my long, blonde hair,
blows past my shoulder.
I wait.

But then the tide comes in,
I'm not ready to leave,
though the furious waves,
simply shove me away.

We run up the shore,
his hand held in mine.
And we reach a place,
where we must say goodbye.

He holds my hand firm,
looks me straight in the eye,
and says, "Baby, I love you, 'till the day I die."

I feel stiff inside,
my heart beating fast.
I don't know what to do,
what can I? Leave too?

The next thing I know,
my vision is blurred.
And my hand is alone.

I dry my eyes,
as quick as I can.
And think to myself,
"Where is he? My man."

I race back to the waves,
now higher than before,
and look out to the clearing,
and down the sea shore.

He's nowhere in sight,
not a place in the world.
I fall down on my knees,
towards the bushed and trees.
My face in my hands,
and with a piercing scream,
I'm gone.

1 comment:

  1. There was no particular reason why I wrote this poem. Just felt that I needed something happy, then sad.