Sunday, December 5, 2010

My relationship

I feel very content, yet like it could be better. We have been together so long, and learned so much, yet we still aren't perfect. We never will be. 

Sometimes the 'he' in your relationship just can't get it right. It'll never be like in the movies. All perfect, all graceful. Thats something I need to get over. I know it, but I need to still comprehend it. Sometimes 'he' goes too fast. Or at all the wrong times. Again, I need to comprehend it. At other times, 'he' isn't feeling 'that' way when you are, and/or just doesn't get it.

However, sometimes 'she' (or in this case, me) doesn't get it either. 'She'/I may seem to 'always' make a move at wrong times, (even though more graceful than 'him') and/or never understanding quite how 'he' feels. Or understand him the wrong way...
Agh! Why is it so complicating!?!?! 

Also, how do you feel when your staring into 'his' face, waiting for him to call you beautiful... But it never comes... No matter how many times you call him gorgeous, handsome etc.... Ahh! They never get it! *sigh... I guess it can be the other-way-round too, can't it?

Btw, we still haven't had the 'first' (kiss) yet. In my head I tell people, "working on it" but in real life I realize it is something that neither I, nor he should worry about and that it will come when it does. I am just mostly worried that it will come at the wrong time, or a bad one, or sometimes that it just won't come at all.

Also, is it normal to have a relationship for 7 (8 on the 9th) months? People have huge 'things' about it when that happens as if it is a BAD thing. The thing is, when you truly like someone, you get connected to them in a way that is indescribable. I call it love. Love, devotion...yea. Well, some people think, "You are Waayy too young to be in love, person!!" 
And I say, " Its not the age, but the level of maturity and understanding in a person that counts."
thinking to myself: "Dude, YOU are WAY too young to be in love."
Anyway, I like it. Those screwy, faky-relationships that last 2 weeks are SOOO over-rated. I mean, Come-on!! Your not gonna learn anything or have any worth-while experience if you have a 2 week relationship. Thats just plain stupid.

Anyway, Thats my say for today about relationship-ness. :)

~Angelkitty out~

<3 U DJ ~And I'm not afraid to say it~

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