Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sitting all alone,
but not.
Always, all alone,
but not.

I cry and cry,
for where is my guy...
мояa любовь

I race in anger,
out in the frozen cold,
with your great gown of glory,
of beauty, of love.

Your dear baby Jesus,
sends me blessings from above.

Though I feel it often,
I am not alone.

Through my selfish desires,
I wish everything just right.
But it's not perfect.

My eyes,
glistening with pain.

This will pass, this will pass

You, my love,
my true love,
are more precious than flesh.

And I have yet to understand it, and learn it.

But love for flesh,
no matter how strong,
can never compare,
 to your beauty,
your grace.

For God, is always here.

God is my love,
he is perfect,
what I truly need.

No, none will ever understand me, you, us,
But you do understand me.

Whenever in need,
you lord, are here.
And you understand me truly.

I may still cry,
for the fear of the unknown.
But now, I do know,
there is no need,
and never will be.

Because no matter what the unknown may be,
and no matter what my choice,
you, my lord, will always be here for me.

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