Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Before I start,
*Heavy exhale and sigh!

Why is it that certain boys rush things, then are too embarrassed to simply hold hands anywhere near other people?? As soon as you get a boyfriend, whether other guys know it or not, everybody starts showing interest in you! Hints, guys never never NEVER get hints. Umm, my hand is over there because it wants to be held, not because it is comfortable!! Sometimes I just get so sick of boys!!! They are so..... GRR!!!! Plus, they ALWAYS forget to compliment you once you are their girlfriend.... It's like they don't need to be polite or show interest in you once you are their girlfriend. I mean, if thats the case,  Whats the point!?!?! >:(

So, when I first became friends with the boyfriend I have now, we would chat and chat on facebook every single day. Always sharing, always relating. Suddenly, there is no need for him to even think about his facebook. Maybe he is just a busy person now that he is in High school. Maybe I am just taking everything seriously when i shouldn't be. But whatever it is, I miss him. Thats it, I said it. (that wasn't so hard, now was it?) I guess thats just it, I miss him, thats all. I mean I could have said that easier, but Nooooooo, Xen has to be all thoughts, all feelings, all talk... HAHAHAAaaaaaaaaaaaa...... Oh boy... I think I'm going crazy, Bahahaaha!!!

Dear Dj,
I wish you read my blog. Maybe then, you'd know me better. Also, I wish you went of facebook at least one of those times I stay on waiting for you. I go on facebook, not to facebook, but to open chat and wait for at least SOMEONE to chat with me. Or.... you. I loved watching a movie with you today. Though I wish we weren't so timid about your relationship. [haha, half the time I was anxious about when you were gonna hold my hand.--glad thats over with-- ;) ] I wish I could describe in words how much I love and care about you. I also wish we could continue learning more about each other by spending time together. I sincerely hope we can keep this connection for over a year.
Love you always,
Ксения Василия <3

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