Sunday, December 19, 2010

Does peppermint cure depression?

Yeah, yeah. Just when i think I'm over it.. I cry again. Sometimes I just wish ppl got a clue. But I never feel like giving them. Even my parents noticed that today at church David barely paid any attention to me. He came over to me, all embarrassed to be affectionate, at all. Then, said hey, and left. No good-bye, anything. He never calls me, he'd never on facebook. And now, he is too busy to hang out today. I don't go to his school. I don't usually go to his church. He doesn't talk much... NOTHING. Everyone asks, "Do you wanna break up with him?" My answer is no. Though, I sometimes wonder if I should. I think I'll take a walk outside, or something. I think I shall read. Outside. All blehy... and maybe write. Maybe there still IS a chance of me getting over this mood-swinging session. I doubt it. It feels like the kind that will last. So far, it has.

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