Saturday, December 25, 2010


Oh my gosh! It is so agitating when certain people *COUGH get all over you in insults! I am so sick of it! There is this dude and all he ever does is take the time to tease and insult me. No one else notices, but they ask me why I make it a big deal. Its one of those annoying things where someone doesn't believe that a person is as mean  to you as you say. They all think, oh your exaggerating, or oh your taking it too personally, or oh calm down!
Well guess what, I am far from calm involving in this situation!!
No! No! NO!!! I am NOT going to sit there and watch it happen as if all is merry. I am taking a stand to stand up for myself!
And I'm sure you parents will think it is unnecessary, and that if i just asked him to stop, or pretended it didn't hurt you, he'd stop, but he is such a conceded jerk that I doubt ANYTHING would make him stop!! GRRRR!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If the guy is being that annoying, that means he wants your attention. *hint, hint*