Saturday, November 6, 2010


Assuming little or no one I know reads my blog, I post basically anything and everything important on my mind whether or not it will cause judgement, rumors, gossip, or offences. Therefore, I am terribly sorry if I know you, and you become offended... but have no part in it. You have been warned! ~Thank you~

Life is so Complicated
Why is life so complicated?
You love this while I love that.
You conceal it,
I express it,

All these things,
just add to it.

All these things,
just add to it,
add to life.

Why is life so complicated?
You hate that while I love this.
You agree to it.
I discourage it.

All these things,
just add to it.

All these things,
just add to it,
add to life.

When I'm excited,
your all nervous.
When I'm outgoing,
your all shy.

Why is life so complicated?
You feel this while I feel that.
I enjoy it,
You ignore it.

Are we really meant to be,
I was gonna wait to see...
And now,
like other times,
I think maybe not.

Can you see?

I wish when I saw you,
I knew who you were.
I wish you were social,
I wish you agreed.

But when I first saw you,
my mind just went blank.
It was love at first sight,
I was sure, I was sure.

And now that I know you,
I wish everyday.
That you understood,
 the most important thing to me.

If you truly know me,
You'd know,
what I need.

And at first I thought you had it,
but now I really see.
Your not all that social,
you don't like to agree.
How can you know me,
without trying to see?

And now that I reread over the poems I wrote tonight..... I realize how much I felt lonely, separate, and away from him. I think everybody does sometimes. Everybody has doubting days. And everybody gets through them in one way or another. But I think the best way is to not back out, and to work through them. (Or write a poem to share with strangers about how you feel to get it out of you.) Good-day, and good-night. Remember to set your clocks back an hour if you live in this area. ~Bye4now....

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