Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Creative Energy

the time,
flying out my ears.
My life,
moving on....

The importance of creative energy,
the arts...
They are what make the world spin.

Though God,
is what made them,
be here for us,
in the first place.

Pay we little attention to this?
Do we consider,
our God's responsibility for our wonderful life?

the time,
flying out my ears.
My life,
moving on...

Do we,
as people,
as citizens of God...
as God's people...

Do we,
have the creative energy,
to accomplish,
something wonderful,
in life?

God's creative energy,
makes the world spin.
For this I know.

For the greatest men,
were artists, pure,
through and through.
Benjamin Franklin, George Washington...
Mozart, Tchaikovsky.

And for the greatest men,
accomplish much.

Through Creative Energy. 

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