Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not only friend's relationships/Random

[excuse the simple-sentences--really tired right now]
I've been worried about not only others people's (friend's) relationships lately...
A few days ago I cried over it....
But today I had my bf over. It reminded myself about how much I actually still do love him.
A lot.

I am starting to read the book Ender's Game. It's a pretty good book. Very different and interesting. One thing that really bothers me though is Orson Scott Card's fondness of sentence fragments. I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! It's not even only when people talk. Its in narrations too. Gahh!!!
Anyway...Really good book, and I am going to continue reading it.

Also, so glad that I've found time to draw, read, write-etc.... on my free time.


I need to get to sleep now...
Bye-bye! Goodnight!! Sleep-Well!!!!

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