Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Beloved

My darling,
my dear.
I wish you'd come near.

My heart,
it longs,
yet I know better,
don't I?

I can't,
my sweet...
Oh my sweet joy and gladness.
I can't.

You know better,
just think,
dear beloved.

You know,
how we,
must take it slow.

Rushing into things,
beloved, can cause...
a sudden end,
or a terrible beginning.

Neither I want my love,
Neither you want,
Neither we want..
My darling, My love.

Yet I know how we feel,
it feels, to be in love.
And I remember your eyes,
your smile,
your hand.

I know how much we
long to express our love.
And we can.
Yet not in a rush.
No hurry, my beloved,
please no...

Though I feel I know you,
quite well, indeed,
and I know we're ready,
to take another step.

But with feelings,
you can't trust,
whether it's the right choice or not.
But we can hope.

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