Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Justin Bieber

I wouldn't say I'm in love with him--although he is definitely dreamy--. I also wouldn't say I have a crush on him--although he has an amazing voice--. Justin Bieber is seriously talented, and to be honest, I like him. Things I HATE with a PASSION is when people make fun of him, and tease him, and hate him for stupid reasons. I honestly think they are stuck-up jealous ppl. The guys because they wish all the girls would pay attention to them instead of obsessing over a celebrity. The girls because they find it annoying when there are so many girls in love with him in annoying amounts. I have met some girls who have rooms coated with Justin Bieber posters. I have met LOTS of people who find him... "ugly, gross, a girl, a beaver, a gay wad, fat... etc..." I find that LOADS MORE annoying than the girls who obsess over him. Not only are they (the girls who 'hate' him) liars, (Justin being anything but ugly, and a male, and a human) but it is mean. He is a human being like any other human being, all celebrities are.
Anyway, I HATE the Hating of Justin Bieber!
Get over his fame! Get over your loss! And admit you love him like anyone else does! (lol)

If you know me, that last part was a joke..
Bye now, Xen

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