Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear random person...

Dear random person,

Everybody makes poor choices, and no one is perfect. Often poor choices effect those around them, causing them to feel pain. I honestly don't know exactly what happened or how your relationship was before then, but what I DO know is that playing people is wrong! Making someone believe you loved them while they loved you back, and then dumping them with harsh words and harsh actions (STILL) is cruel. Even when your provoked! Now, I will never freely or willingly accept a kind, beautiful, pure-hearted, spirited girl in constant pain from your non-stop abuse(as a result of her actions) Especially when she has tired herself with regrets, apologies, and sadness over what she has done. Not forgiving her and forgetting it not only causes you grief (for some reason) but it causes the person you once 'loved' a lot of grief, the person who only truly loved you.
I write this now on behalf of relationship issues I have seen, heard-of, or had friends troubled with them. Not only do the tears of her pierced heart bring sadness with a gloomy displeasure into my life, but I love her evermore and would waste away crying with her. Please end this.


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