Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was thinking, and remembering my old cat that I had once, her name was Angelina...
I wrote this poem a few days ago...


I remember that day,
I was in the 4th grade.

Got called down to the office.

I looked at my grim mom,
with a smile on my face.
And I asked her, "What's up?
Why am I taken out of school."

She looked sad.
And confuzzled, I asked,
"Something wrong? 
A fire at our house?
Did our cars get stolen?
A car accident?

I looked at them worried,
my lunch in my hand.
And then my dad answered, 
"Angelina, she's dead."

I wouldn't believe him,
No way!
She couldn't...

But I looked and I saw,
an honest, cold, gleam,
in his wet teary eyes.

Thats when I noticed,
my face was all wet.

My vision was blurred, 
as I raced to the car.
I set my lunch down and I buckled my seat,
and remembered...

her soft, white fur...
with blotches of color.
A little black,
a little red,
she was a calico...

Angelina, I cried!
No, it can't be!

My heart beated fast, 
and yet felt hollow and dead..
and remembered a day...
when I cried on the floor.
Angelina came up to me,
meowed, and moved on.

That cat was a character,
had had strength,

She didn't observe us,
yet she knew we were there.
She hardly knew us,
yet loved us with care.

I'll never forget her,
and even to this day,
I take time to remember,
a beauty, and gift.

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