Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This week has been really unfortunate for me. On Sunday I got a sicky feeling from my stomach. At first I thought it might be a food-poisoning type of thing. But after talking to a few people they said its more likely to be a flu bug. The only thing wrong with that is that I don't have flu symptoms like a temp. or the other 2 TMI(s). So now, I have no clue what is wrong with my stomach, and I have to just wait it out, and eat all of the foods that don't irritate my tummy (barely anything). Its not that bad, so I wouldn't worry too much, but that is one of the 3 Terribles on my mind.
The next is a bad-luck kind of thing. On Monday evening, after watching my daily episode of either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly, I raced upstairs. Now, we have a door at the bottom of our stairs that we always keep closed so that the cat won't escape outside through the doggy door... Meanwhile, I raced upstairs and slammed, I mean SLAMMED (as hard as I could) the door behind me. Well, unfortunately, my right leg was too slow to catch up with my running and slamming, and got caught in the door. So, basically, I slammed my foot in the door really hard. Now I have to deal with my foot hurting, AND my stomach hurting.
All day long on Tuesday, my foot hurt really really badly every time I walked. So bad that I rarely noticed, mentioned (or complained) about my tummy. Grrr to problems!
The main third-bad (and I say main, because there is always my klutzy bad of always painfully bruising myself, or scratching myself--again Grrr to problems--but thats just life, now isn't it) is the normal, teenage, missing-the-person-you-love Syndrome. I guess mainly because of how busy we both have been ever since school started (both being my boyfriend and I). (Darn you school!!) I am a huge time-lover. I love time, and I fail at taking good care of it, and using it. Maybe because of how tired I always am.(Again, with school to blame) Anyway, I really miss him, and honestly can not wait until he is done stressing over his Eagle-Scout project.

Okay, enough said.

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  1. That happened to my stomach too!!!!!!!!
    It didn't feel good. I didn't take medicine until I got home. IT HURTED. :(