Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Poet who writes Poems

Since I got this blog, I haven't had the chance to write a good poem, so I am going to post an old one I wrote, for you to hear.


there is a deep blue sky,
that I can't see,
a cool wind,
that I can't feel,

though I am in a huge crowd,
I see no one,
I feel nothing,
just emptiness,

A deep rush of sadness,
I wish that I could cry,
but I am so tired,
that I just continue on,

A rush of anger,
a sudden frustration,
and BAM!
I am gone,

you wish the ones you deeply love,
did not enter your life,
but when you step away,
a deep loneliness coats your skin,
your heart,
your bones,

I feel that loneliness,
that deep sensation,
and once I am alone,
I let my eyes take over.

A tear creeps across my cheek,
my face is wet,
and the sobs pierce my ears,
this is what it is like,
to feel that loneliness,
that anger,
that love,

But Sometimes,
you have to just forget,
all those harsh tears,
that crept down your face,
all those lonesome feelings,
that you wish you never felt,

And just remember,
there is always someone,
who you can lean against,
in this life god has given you,
and don't forget.

Created: 5/13/10 By: CIB

Wishing trees grew taller still,
wishing the blue sky sparkled always,
wishing the birds were always out,
wishing the animals all got along,
wishing that all was in harmony.

Wishing loneliness never came,
wishing rain didn't agree to it.
The sadness,
I wish it wasn't there,
when I miss you.

When I remember our moments,
of laughter and joy.
I wish, wish that all,
was like that.

Wishing my allergies,
didn't bother me,
after I kiss my soft, loving, cat.

Wishing my neighbors house didn't catch-fire.
Wishing everyone could feel the joy I feel,
and take pleasure in it.
From the wind blowing leaves,
past a bright blue sky,
to the sound of rain, pounding the rooftop.

to the sound of birds,
the smell of the air,
from October to December,
from January to Spring.
I can sense the sweet smell of the seasons,
it brings back great memories,
it makes me smile.

Just wishing, all the happiness,
and pleasure I experience,
could be shared forever with you.
I smile at the rain,
I smile at the wind,
I smile at the storms,
I smile at the rainbow.

After all those smiles,
you'd think I'd have no more.
But most of all, I wish,
that everyone knew,
exactly how I feel about you.

How it is to be in love,
how it is to hold your hand.
How it is to have someone to lean on,
whenever I need them.
That is why, I wish you were here.

Created: 10/12/10 By: CIB

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