Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not Enough Sleep?

As a teenager, I should get at least 8 hours of sleep, which I mostly do, but not by a lot. I was really tired all day long today (as usual).
Well, until my friend couldn't take my endless, "I'm soooo tired!!"s, and looked me in the face saying, "Okay, what time do you go to bed?"
"Uhh....*chuckles to myself* Around 10.... sometimes 11. Hehe..."
"Psh!! Well no wonder your always complaining about tiredness! Go to bed at 8:30 like I do!!! Then you'd feel energetic like me!!"
"I can't!! There's no way I could be able to be ready to Sleep by 8:30! How about... 9? 9:30? Then will you be happy?"
"Yeah! Okay, fine, sounds good!" She said.
I should of stopped there, but didn't. "Well," I started to say. "Can I go to bed at 10:00?"
"Ugh!!" My friend replied. "Seriously!"

The conversation went on, and on, (and I won't bore you with it) until we came to an agreement. It was that... well, it kinda slipped my mind at the moment, but the point is that we came to an agreement.
Now I think I will try to go to bed earlier, and not waste time procrastinating! (Gah! The evil disease of Procrastination!) ~ttyl!

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