Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Why is it that when growing up you have mixed feelings? Mixed feelings about people you meet. Maybe about how you should act toward someone you like. How about toward someone you like, who isn't your boyfriend? Maybe you don't feel the same way toward that person as you do toward your boyfriend, but you still like them. If only things were less complicated in life... It is hard with mixed feelings, to have close guy friends, and a boyfriend, and not feel weird about it. And this is not the only, or least-hard trouble plaguing my mind lately....

There is my boyfriend, a wonderful, compassionate guy. He is a boyscout who goes to a different school than me. Although, we are both happy, devoted, Orthodox Christians (a good side of things). Lately, in addition to the normal 'having to get used to seeing him less during the school year', he has been busy at work as a boyscout, helping out a Monetary by building a Chicken Coop. Not to say that I don't love this devoted idea, but this means that I won't be able to see him at all this weekend. That may seem like a ridiculously selfish, stupid thing to feel terrible about, but I do. I miss him a lot.

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