Monday, October 18, 2010

Living Life

a seed,
a leaf,
a stem,
a branch.
and another,
and another.
Life goes on,

And, I think to myself,
what will I accomplish?
Will I always be free,
to stare out through the trees,
with a hypnotic gaze.

Will I always be able,
to dream my way,
through the life,
that surrounds me?

I have enough love,
to fulfill,
my most important desires.
Enough love,
to sustain, any day,
with great power.

Thanks to all those in my life,
who have loved, me, and cared for me.
Those who have just been there,
to say hey, how are you doing?
I'm thankful to have met them.
They've helped me to find,
and fulfill,
my creative destiny.
A wonderful joy.

But life,
may sweep it all,

And when I'm done,
will there be something important,
some reward in my dream.

People who are smart,
those who may know,
what they will do,
to help this world grow.

They can receive money,
or something from it.

That will help them,
go on,
and live on with life.

But will I get that,
if I continue to pursue,
my creative destiny?

If only, I knew.

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